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slow to speak



Kerri "Kaoz 6:23" Chandler
Lost obscurity from the master Kerri Chandler gets a full reissuing from NYC’s slow to speak imprint. Continuing in the series of classic house re-illuminations, “Core 1994 – Stratosphere E.P.” unearths one of Chandler’s most ingenious and flooring moments from early in the New Jersey legend’s rise to underground sainthood. Basically the sequel to Chandler’s timeless “Atmosphere E.P.,” “Stratosphere” continues in the same trajectory as his earlier works of inexplicably funky and undeniable tracks, flaunting the East Orange native’s unparalleled capacity to lay down the most floor-morphing, speaker-decimating drums house music has ever known---fortifying this indestructible skeleton with Chandler’s tangibly moody chords, funky brass & unstoppably catchy vocal samplings in assembling one of the most cherished & guarded E.P.’s from the deepest underground. Concrete proof of the urgency and passionate commitment to the early religion of underground dance music that paved the way for generations of deep house music to follow, “Core 1994 – Stratosphere E.P.” marks another chapter in the Core series’ continuing push forward into the past of house music’s inspiring maturation.
A1. Track 3
A2. Track 4
B1. Climax 3
B2. Climax 4
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