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slow to speak



Ron Trent
Another masterpiece from the celestial kingdom of Prescription is resurrected, this time the latest feature of slow to speak's CORE reissue series.  Ron Trent's aptly titled "Seduction" is an ideal specimen of instrumental house---a hypnotizing, brooding mutation of sparse club-oriented utility that defines quality dance music minus the intricacy of song-based classicism. With but a few base elements and a touch of magic typical of Mr. Trent at his finest, "Seduction" proves that repetition does not necessarily equal redundancy---to the contrary, here the simplicity of repetition works to the track's full advantage, leaving everything in its path in a total trance not easily shaken-off. Pulling forward with black-keyed pads, freaked synth lines, subaquatic bass, vertigo-inducing drum programs and one of the baddest vocal samples this side of the big bang, "Seduction" beckons with a continual utterance of its namesake, lending it a hermetic eeriness that conjures up images of Ron in the lab, recklessly dissecting the lifeless bodies of so many classics and reanimating their remains into a modern-day frankenstein born of the shadowed corridors of uptempo soul music's subconscious desire. Bewitching, awe-inspiring and totally brilliant, "Seduction" (reissued) reaffirms the truth of underground dance music, reminding us that deep house doesn't have to mimic the multifarious compositions of a Philly-Soul production to bestow upon us the lasting experience of musical genius at its best.
A1. Seduction