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Mood II Swing
'Sunlight In My Eyes'

Mood II Swing steps up to the plate for the latest Core reissue with one of their finest works, handpicked from an accomplished list of mighty NY house masterpieces spanning the 1990's. Lem Springsteen and John Ciafone's longtime collaboration under their legendary moniker cannot be mentioned without helplessly uttering the word "Gods" and proceeding to shower them with endless praises worthy of only the upper echelons of the deep house canon. The two New York City natives quickly established themselves as expertly-trained and well-exercised special forces operatives on the frontline of heady, sample-infused tracks, coming out strong in 1992 with an unequivocally fierce take on the swing-beat, a craft practiced correctly by only a few chosen guardians of the original underground technique. Fast-forward a decade and the production moguls had written their name in stone with virtually every style of respectable dance music, from sublime rave-inspired deep instrumentals to cunty sound-factory floor-fillers, from garage-rooted vocal masterpieces to edgy Techno-rooted subterranean experiments---Mood II Swing did it all with the a flexible eclecticism at ease with any mutation of the the dimly lit club aesthetic.

"Sunlight In My Eyes," released on King Street Sounds, is one of Springsteen and Ciafone's unquestionable feats, an astral, pad-laden waking dream structured around a spine-tingling vocal sample that is progressively rearranged, teased-out and freaked relentlessly, as each exalted chord is shone down from the heavens at precisely the right instant. A prime example of the weightless, unfettered and incomprehensibly beautiful musical imagination of the rave generation, the 1994 masterpiece nonetheless features the swinging drum program and demolition drive of a NY house classic---a track right at home amid the boundless vision of Springsteen and Ciafone's genius. Finally reissued after 16 years of obscurity, "Sunlight In My Eyes" encapsulates Mood II Swing's many forms in a singular exposition of deep house eternity worthy of representing the duo's prolific catalog.

A1. Sunlight In My Eyes