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slow to speak



House Of Gypsies
'Another Worry'
Todd Terry is one of the indisputable gods of dance music. The original “Master at Work,” Terry rose to fame in the late eighties as one of the few producers at the time determined to prove the inseverable link between hip-hop and house, both burgeoning babies of disco & soul music’s fall-out. His signature cut-up, stab-driven, sample infused aesthetic mutilated and perverted classic disco to new heights of hard driving NY house music and in the process created the first contribution to rave music proper from the west side of the Altantic. With this latest installment of slow to speak’s growing "Core" reissue series, we’re reminded of the full range of Terry's ingenious sound, treated to a high quality pressing of his vocal classics “Another Worry” & “Get Up”---definitional party rockers that circumvented the elegant niceties of deep house masters like Blaze, Larry Heard or Ron Trent’s jazzy, chord-driven soul, and went straight to the heart of dance music’s rawest elements. In contrast to these anthems, “Searchin’” epitomizes Terry’s prowess with the track proper, an mesmerizing and fantastical ode to the late hours of NY’s underground, a staple of the Sound Factory and virtually every other self-respecting club at the time. Yet another redeeming glimpse into the vast universe of classic house music, "Core’s" latest salute to the 90’s gives a legend his proper due, and continues to refocus our gaze on the fabled reign of Chicago & Detroit to a fuller spectrum of U.S. dance music’s contributions.
A1. Another Worry
B1. Get Up
B2. Searchin'